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In the reservation process you can indicate what other attractions you wish to combine with your mini golf game, to experience an unforgettable day in Rotterdam. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail mentioning the exact hours of your mini golf game.

A restaurant and Lasergame Rotterdam are situated on the boat ‘De Zwarte Zwaan’.

A mini golf game can for example be extended with another activity, lunch or a dinner.

MK9 got called out by a group of professional victims for boobage. Instead of bringing in new characters to satisfy this vocal minority, they change the classic cast to the point you don't recognize them anymore.

Since when Ermac was a skinny kid who looks like he'd die when his face collides with Scorpion's fist? Now I'll nerd out a bit on this since I worked with MK9/MKX models for animation/rendering purposes.

While Maxi is fairly average compared to other men in SC, Ivy is arguably the tallest among the women. Anyways, yes, in MKX they nerfed the females to the point where they look like school girls after a prom who got lost in a dark alley.

I have a few problems with this: 1) It screws up the gameplay. So basically you get an advantage for simply picking a gender.

In MK9, they had two base models for humans: one male, one female.

That's why all females look exactly the same bar the head and costume.

By the way, the 1 female-base-for-all comes back in MKX only this time they changed cup sizes (how sad is this), rich with anatomical errors... Put Scorpion, Kotal, Jax, Tremor, Torr near by any of the females. hell in my experience even torr's hitbox seems screwed up when i play as kotal. they were slightly smaller thus barely noticeable, unlike in mkx where the difference is like night and day. Hitbox is an area that will usually cause damage when it comes in contact with the hurtbox. I seen people use hurtbox and hitbox interchangeably (which might be true for certain games), so I want to make that clear.

Design wise I think they tried to make them look sexy while being strong. hell in my experience even torr's hitbox seems screwed up when i play as kotal. In the grand scheme of things, a hitbox is just one property that an attack has.

And this is where the problem of the landwhales arise, which is funny because they promote "body positivity" while doing sloot walks with their A cups hanging around. I did a quick and dirty head-to-body ratio comparison. the MK9 version is about 9 heads tall, definitely above average.


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