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Which my wife described as feeling amazing thrusting into her and a strong sucking sensation, when he pulled back.But as he tried to fuck her, his old man kept going soft, poor bugger.

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We were staying in the city for a few days, so I suggested to her that we invite him the next night and try again, as I was feeling that the whole night had been a bit of a let down, for everyone, including him.

Anyway I gave him a call and he jumped at the idea, who wouldn’t.

You see she is in her fifties now, but has the amazing body of a twenty year old, with a figure of 38D-26-36, yummy and dark hair, and with an intense need for sex.

We’ve been married for over ten years now, and even though the first ten years of marriage had consisted of making love at least two to three times a day, I could see that as the years were passing, her sexual interest in me was not what it use to be, but then again, if you could eat chocolate every day, that would become boring too.

He hopped on the bed and quickly had his head between my wife’s legs and was sucking gently on her now very wet pussy, while she pushed her hips higher and higher, trying to allow him fuller access.

He must have had a good technic as she was moaning load from the get go.

After a while of fondling and squeezing she jumped up and proceeded to undress me in front of him caressing my cock as she went.

Then she dragged me over to the bed were I proceeded to suck on her hard nipples, from the corner of my eye I could see he was quickly getting undress to join in the fun.

My wife took a shower and after came out in a very short dressing gown, with nothing under neath, she was very nervous having never done anything like this before.

But also not being shy, she climbed on top of him and gave him a cuddle, exposing her beautiful bottom for him to caress, to which he didn’t hesitate to fondle with the greatest of pleasure.


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