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He hopped on the bed and quickly had his head between my wife’s legs and was sucking gently on her now very wet pussy, while she pushed her hips higher and higher, trying to allow him fuller access.He must have had a good technic as she was moaning load from the get go.The dinner went well and we invited him back to our hotel room.

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Well getting back to the point, I went on Hammy and advertised our interest in a threesome. After discussing it with my wife and sorting through all of them, I choose this one bloke, and struck up a chat line with him over quite a few weeks, to get to know him better.

He seemed likes a genuine fellow, who you could trust, and after a while we arrange to meet in the city for a meal, and to see if things might progress.

You see, she thinks that when she sucks another mans cock, or he eats out her pussy, that’s not sex.

And there have been a few of them in her past I think.

So the moral of this is, you have to keep feeding this sexual monster over and over. She is very confident of her body, and could I say, has had a lot more sexual experience than me, not that she sl**ps around, but has had a few more partners than me.

She has a funny way of thinking when it comes too sex and how many men she’s had in her past, but I think I’ll never know the whole story.

It was probably the excitement of it all, or just because it was another stranger doing this to her.

He then proceeded to climb between her legs, also not being shy to get what he wanted, and placed the head of his thick penis against the lips of my wife’s wet pussy.

And as it turned out, I was very right; I’d never seen her so sexually excited as she was with this guy.

It’s been a few months now, since we had this threesome, and although our sex life improved dramatically, after for a short while, again it is drifting back into the old ways.



  1. I thought, But then one day several things in my life went wrong in rapid succession, and I blew up.

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