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San Marino perched between the lands of the Riminese Malatesta family, and the Montefeltro family of Urbino (in the Marche region), was caught up in the huge struggle between the two warring families.They sided, luckily, with Federico Montefeltro – and by extension, Pope Pius II – against Sigismondo Malatesta.

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A more concrete claim can be made, that the state has the oldest written constitution still in effect – the constitution of San Marino dates back to 1600.

In reality San Marino’s viability as a republic came in the late 1400’s, when most of the Italian city states were warring with one-another.

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In the twentieth century San Marino’s political developments have largely echoed those of the neighbouring Italian state, with a fascist government during the war years, followed by a socialist/communist government (that ws hounded out of power in a bloodless revolution, supported by the Italians), and a period of centrist domination by the San Marinese version of Democrazio Cristiana.

During world war II the country remained neutral, but was bombed by the allies for strategic purposes.

The state took in over 100,000 refugees during the war.

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