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This weekend we removed a number of the non-load bearing walls, some relatively modern, others dating back to when the building was first built.We are keen to preserve the original building as much as possible but the best way is to preserve it is to render it useful. Opening it up internally means it is better equipped to meet the requirements and demands of a modern office environment and that in itself should help to ensure its preservation.The father was a solicitor who lived and worked from the building and sadly lost his then only son Roy (Duroy) on the Somme in 1916.

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As well as telling the story of the building and its new occupants, we want the Abingdonians of the future to know what life was like in Abingdon in 2014. Banished to the skip, or recycled in the hope that it will be put to better use next time.

If any of you have any ideas or suggestions do please post a comment. The manner in which a building has been damaged only becomes apparent when that damage is removed.

At the prestigious Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT) Awards on 4th November 2014, 1 – 3 Ock St was awarded a plaque in the Building Conservation category.

The awards panel commented on the sensitive and sympathetic restoration, the marrying of the old …

Continue reading It is some while since I last posted an entry and I do feel awful about that.

But the past 6 months have been hectic beyond belief and only now with the finish line finally in sight do I find I have time to even contemplate an update to my blog.Some of the tradesman that have worked in the building are convinced that it is haunted, but I do not subscribe to that, quite the opposite in fact.I have spent many a silent hour in the building, alone, late at night, and in the early days with nothing more than emergency/temporary lighting through the property and I have never felt anything other than 100% “at home”.No power tools or hydraulics, no mechanised lifting gear or Acrows, just skill, knowledge, grunt and brute force.Anyway, having exposed the beam we will now make a feature of it.Having said that we have not been hit by too many surprises, and nothing that we perhaps could not have anticipated.

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