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The company was originally funded by individual investors, described by Marco as "friends and family".Viber was initially launched for i Phone on December 2, 2010, in direct competition with Skype.

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the service did not provide forward secrecy), the code was not open to independent review (i.e.

the code was not open-source), the security design was not properly documented, and there had not been a recent independent security audit.

Viber's desktop version uses TCP and UDP ports 5242, 4244, 5243, 9785, and the standard HTTP/HTTPS ports 80 and 443.

In November 2016, Viber launched Public Accounts, to allow brands to engage in promotion and customer service on the platform.

As of December 2016 In its first two years of availability, Viber did not generate revenues.

It began doing so in 2013, via user payments for Viber Out voice calling and the Viber graphical messaging "sticker store".

Along the coast, average daily highs often climb into the thirties.

Monsoon season hits this side of the country in the summer, which means the winter months are lovely and dry.

A Viber Public Account for FC Barcelona was launched which gives exclusive content for the club's fans.

Sri Lanka’s position close to the equator means that temperatures are pretty constant throughout the year.

On April 19, 2016, Rakuten added end-to-end encryption to their service, but only for one-to-one and group conversations in which all participants are using the latest Viber version for Android, i OS, Windows (Win32) or Windows 10 (UWP).


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