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She has been adored by lots of fans around the country and even abroad. Her professional life is also great according to the sources close to her and MSNBS. Her net worth is believed to be around million dollars, which consist of her apartment and her investments in the stock markets.

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Remember, three weeks ago, when Devin Nunes worked to kill reforms that would have established FISA safeguards?

Here's the statement he co-sponsored, back when he believed the FISA court was a "key national security tool":…

She was raised Roman Catholic and attended Brown University.

She completed her graduation with a degree in Arts History and Literature.

Her father belongs to a political background, and hence her interests are also in the same field. She worked as a cultural correspondent for the Center for American Progress.

Her interest was in music and culture in the early days.

She also worked as the executive director for a nonprofit organization which advocated against human rights violations.

She appeared as an anchor and political commentator on MSNBC in 2011.

Her great moment came when she became the White House Correspondent for Politics Daily.

It was during this period that she started a romantic affair with a White House Chef, whom she later married.

The American president and his family attended their wedding ceremony as they consider Sam Kass as a family member. The couple is currently living together in Brooklyn.


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