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The student or students who bullying others must be helped to stop their destructive behavior.

It is clear that conflict resolution and/or peer mediation strategies can serve a positive role in building a safe school climate when used with conflict situations.

Several forms of cyber bullying may also be considered indirect in the sense that nasty messages are delivered from a distance, not in a face-to-face way, and from anonymous sources.

And in some cases, it may be difficult or almost impossible to find out who originally sent the message.

Conflict resolution or peer mediation strategies, however, Question: What Causes Bullying?

Answer: There is no single or simple “cause” of bullying behavior.

In indirect bullying, the aggressive acts are more concealed and subtle, and it may be more difficult for the bullied student to know who is responsible for the bullying.

Typical examples include social isolation—that is, intentionally excluding someone from a group or activity—and spreading lies and nasty rumors.

The attitudes and behavior of peers also play critical roles.

It is important to emphasize once more that these are main trends.

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