Stale dating checks

Therefore I sometimes have to void a check in one year and reissue in another year.

How do I do this and keep my year end balance in tact.

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I believe the UCC standard is 6 months, so assuming your transactions are subject to UCC, you might have an issue with your 60 day requirement for a commercial check tender with shorter time frame, but that is a legal issue.

The accounting for such an event also depends on "how frequently it occurs".

Assuming the bank would consider the cheque stale-dated and therefore not process it, I re-entered that amount in Quick Books last month to remove the cheque in the outstanding list in my bank reconciliation.

Now I cannot finish my latest reconciliation since this amount has been cleared by me and I am stuck. Hi Mary, Unfortunately, banks no longer scrutinize cheques for dates as part of their processing routine so they often don't catch them anymore.

I wrote a postdated cheque that cleared the bank in the wrong month (cheque was dated Nov 1, cleared the bank on Oct 31). Wouldn't be a big deal except our year end is Oct 31 and I can't enter the cheque until Nov.

In my opinion, now that the bank has cashed the cheque …

Since the check is expired, the check issuing bank will not pay for it. Since the check is expired, the check issuing bank will not pay for it. If you put a stop on a check, either   stop payment every six months or change your account.   What we learned - we have to go back and stop payment every 6 months.

The bank said the stop payment was only good for 6 months.

Where would you suggest I post the delivery charges? to the bank charges expense account as well as it is directly related to the cheques? or would you post it to the postage expense account?


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