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CBS Sports Line holds itself to an extremely high standard as we know that's why you choose our service.Second, we owe it to you as you've stood by us year in and year out.

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By our standard, if you missed either of these crucial times the entire week is a bust, and for that we are deeply sorry.""Addressing the quality of service issues that have occurred this fantasy season is the #1 priority for nearly every member of the CBS Sports Line staff.

Beassured that our staff has been on high alert since the beginning ofthe season and will remain so until YOU tell us that our service is running smoothly. It's our performance assessment through the first half of the year.

If no bar is displayed for a specific time it means that the service was down and the site was offline.

People are getting screwed in their baseball leagues because they can't change their lineups.

CBS Sports Line's fix a few weeks ago was to take a big step and apologize to customers.

Perhaps internal technology departments apologize to users all the time, but customers usually don't see this kind of candor.

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In fact, for almost everyone, the amount of time in which problems occurred has been only a small fraction of the entirefantasy season.

The problem has not been the AMOUNT of time things have not worked. Many of our affected customers experienced problems at the worst possible time: just before kickoff on Sunday or at the peak of playbetween the early and late set of games.

Personally, I felt better and appreciated the status report.

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