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If the bore at the muzzle appears satisfactory, go back to the breech.

Fortunately rod wear does not occur very often; partly because most of them are rarely cleaned but also because the rod is guided pretty well.

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It was quite possible, with the stoning away of only a few thousand's of an inch, to render the chamber impossible to load.

With the typical minimum Service competition weight of 5 lbs., the converted full-bore Martini Henry rifles' triggers were expected to be heavy-weight. version of the Al Freeland "Super Rifle" known as the Martini International. If you mean in the highly competitive sport of prone shooting, no of course it is not, but if you refer to its use as a rifle to teach beginners or for those who prefer shooting as a recreational sport and to whom high scores are pleasing but not primary, it has no equal at its price. Taking into account up to date techniques - certainly, and at little cost, and I will give you a few ideas as we proceed.

Never leave the barrel dry but fire a few rounds through it, or clean before the evenings shooting, or oil lightly until next time when this oil must be dried out.

Look at the breech end of the barrel where it acts as an anvil for the firing pin. However the metal may be able to be peened to repair the damage.

To make any adjustment properly, it was still necessary to remove the action from the rifle, drift out the falling-block and extractor fulcrum pins, make the adjust with the now accessible slotted screw, and reassemble. Give it to the chap in the last paragraph who had the handstop. Using a long screwdriver ensure that the butt Is securely fitted by tightening the stock bolt. If, however, it is still loose see if a few washers under the stock bolt head do the trick or see if the stock is loose in the socket in the action body.

Obviously, if the weight was still not to the shooter's liking, it was necessary to repeat the process. rifles were the Model 12 which, according to the advertisements of the time, had "Consistent accuracy, perfect balance and ease in loading"--"The Champion's Rifle". If so, it can be built up by using "Devcon" or similar.

There is no longer a barrel-mounted tangent leaf rear-sight as had been fitted to the basic Model No.6, Model No.8, Model No.12 and early Model No.13 rifles. The Model 12/15 rifles were, at least from 1947, given serial numbers prefixed wth the letter "P", which makes them easily identifiable. Suffice it to say that we believe that the 12/15 was certainly initially manufactured with some input or production assistance, particularly with the sights, from Parker and Parker-Hale, perhaps leading to the "P" prefix.

Any pre-war, or pre- 1947 production there might have been could have been separately defined, but we have found precious little data on early models and their numbering and production quantities. The lowest serial number of which we have to date been advised is in the P 53,000 range, seemingly in contradiction of John Knibbs' documentation that the serial numbers commenced with 60,001.

can do a first class job if he is unable to do it himself.

Like everything else it is not difficult when you know what you are doing, but a poor job can make things worse.

On a bolt action rifle rod wear in the lead and on the edge of the chamber can occur if a rod guide is not used.


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