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Her first several times were more like cheating than anything else.

With me out of town and her exceptionally horny she eventually gave in to someone she knew.

I’m working part-time in a related field and freelancing while searching for a full-time job in the niche industry.

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And there are other things where holding a professional grudge after someone expressed sincere regret would be an overreaction. She might genuinely feel that she can’t comfortably work with you.

It might not have to do with forgiving or not forgiving you, and she might be well aware that you’re a different person now — and yet might still feel that seeing her high school tormenter every day isn’t something she’d want to stick around for.

(I hadn’t realized it was her because her married name is different.) I’ll be honest — I wasn’t a very nice person back then, and I probably was pretty awful to this girl.

I looked my former classmate up, and her resume really is incredible.

At first she was afraid to do anything outside of our marriage for real and planned to keep it a fantasy.

With the ideas built up in her head, she eventually felt like she had permission to try it.

I admit that I always found his teasing rather erotic, but I couldn't see my wife giving in to him.

Soon this teasing became a regular discussion between Rick and me.

Afterwards she wasn't comfortable with the reality, so she didn't tell me for several months.

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