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Going to a bar or club and being picked up is not a great idea.

Having arrangements in place means you have considered your safety and you have properly planned for a good time.

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There are significant cultural differences to overcome if you are going to meet and date a Costa Rican beauty.

That philosophy applies to all interracial and mixed culture relationships, by the way.

STD’s are prevalent in countries like Costa Rica and many women prostitute themselves to escape the terrible poverty.

As a foreigner, you’re going to be a ‘target’ so take care.

With a population of just under 5 million people Costa Rica isn’t the biggest country in South America, but for such a small population it has some of the most beautiful women to be found anywhere in the world.

Costa Rica is a very popular destination for Westerners to retire to thanks to the incredibly low cost of, and the very high standard of, living available here.

Whether the woman is Asian, South American, British, Australian or African, there are differences that a guy needs to be aware of and act accordingly.

Of course, speaking the same language helps overcome the barriers quicker.

Costa Rican women (Ticas) tend to be very well educated, and are also heavily influenced by European culture and fashion.


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