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Even the BBC TV show featured the Bosworths’ vehicles with Radio City stickers in the windows, such was the impact the station had made in the North West.

Initially the late Roger Blythe presented a relaxed breakfast show, a presenter who was so laid back, he almost did not suit breakfast, but was still a pleasure to listen to.

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So important was the localness of the station, (something ITV still has to re-learn), the IBA of the day renewed its contract for a further five years ahead of time.

Stanley Street in the heart of Liverpool housed the 5-studio complex, which featured two live radio studios, a production studio, a studio for live bands and an audience,a news booth and the most complex up-to-date, state-of-the-art newsroom in Europe.

In the early eighties the IBA agreed to a split service on FM and MW, MW now changed to k Hz, the 194 call sign changed to 1548k Hz.

Around the country, the splitting of AM and FM services saw FM broadcasts as pop and current top 40 formats, and AM broadcasts as Gold stations, but Radio City had a different idea.

(‘I really strongly believe that such a massive effort…can go a long wait to directly challenge the unnecessary stigma attached to mental health.

I don’t think it is unreasonable to say, it in many ways could be lifesaving.

I think it speaks volumes that it is happening in Liverpool – we don’t like to do things by half!

,’‘The critical thing is that we are speaking about mental health to give confidence to others to know they are not alone. We may all suffer from mental health difficulties at some point so it is absolutely vital that we can reach people and let them know that people understand.’ The Mental Health Monday Marathon will have phone ins, and special guests popping in to share stories.

Musician and Liverpool Mental Health Festival patron Bill Ryder-Jones plus Claire Stevens from Liverpool Mental Health Consortium join Mick and Jake between 2-3pm, and there is a special focus on young people and mental health between 4–5pm.

Local support services and organisations such as The Reader, who use reading to combat loneliness, will also drop by during the 24 hours, chatting about help they provide.

Gillian Reynolds was the brilliant programme controller, whose style of programming, format and music ensured that Radio City spread like wild fire across Greater Merseyside to become the number one radio station in Liverpool within months of its launch.

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