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Nevertheless, I’m confident that I will eventually find Mr Right.’ And to ensure other people who may be going through a similar situation are able to find their Mr or Mrs Right, Lowissa has turned her back on her lavish lifestyle to start helping other transgender women.

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Within six months I could see a massive difference. To fund her volunteering, she took on an additional job as a barmaid.

She also joined several online transgender chat rooms, and, after uploading images of herself, grew a strong internet following. ‘After that, I got lots of men offering to give me money or buy me expensive gifts.

She said: ‘I’m always very honest with the men that I date.

While a lot of guys are supportive, some have been violent, and I’ve even been spat on.

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Lowissa explained: ‘I’d chat to guys on webcam, or swap pictures. ‘Then one day, a man asked if he could buy me a gift. I never asked, but they were more than willing to provide.’ Lowissa had soon been gifted thousands of pounds – which she used to fund a nose job to make her appearance ‘more feminine’.

In 2003, Lowissa completed her transition by undergoing NHS-funded gender reassignment surgery at the Charing Cross Hospital in London.

I just wanted to wear dresses and join in with the girls in the playground.

‘Thankfully, my parents were always incredibly supportive.

‘I’m grateful to my admirers for helping me become the woman I was always supposed to be.


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