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Clark gets an urgent call from Chloe, who is still at the Planet . Clark is now a full-fledged reporter at the Daily Planet and Chloe is publishing a book next month exposing Luthor Corp with Lex’s help.

Lois’ cell phone rings and Adrian warns her to keep her mouth shut.

Clark suddenly reappears on the Kent Farm to find Lana in the barn. Lana tells him she has decided to stop obsessing over Lex, but Clark says he wants to see what she’s uncovered.

However, the man is innocent and he begins to walk away.

He falls back toward Lois, dead from being stabbed with a pair of scissors.

She takes Clark to her secret room in the Isis Foundation, now filled with non-functioning surveillance equipment.

Clark finds a folder on Project Scion and Lana shows him the vial filled with black liquid that she thought she destroyed when she wrecked his lab.He doesn’t understand but when he asks for more information, she disappears. Lex goes to Lionel in the Luthor Mansion to beg for resources to save his wife, but Lionel refuses to help them because Lex betrayed him seven years ago by dropping out of the Senate race. Reality: The man dressed as Santa Claus appears at the Daily Planet and offers to help Chloe with the gifts because Clark was willing to give up his Christmas with Lana.Clark approaches and muses that he and Lana didn’t work out because Lex became a man she could love. Their conversation is interrupted by Martha, who reports that Lana has gone into labor. After Chloe reluctantly accepts Santa’s help, he and all the presents disappear.As he heads for his car, he is mugged and shot, and left for dead in the street. Lex wakes up, shocked to see a very pregnant Lana in bed next to him. Lex lifts up his shirt and sees the scar on his side from the gun shot.His dead mother, Lillian, appears to Lex and says that it is not a dream and this can be his life if he makes the right choices.Tom Welling (The Fog) Kristin Kreuk (Beauty and The Beast) Michael Rosenbaum (Cursed) Erica Durance (The Butterfly Effect 2) Allison Mack (Riese) John Glover (Batman & Robin) Annette O’Toole (IT) John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard) Aaron Ashmore (The Skulls 2)Lex drives into a dark alley to meet Griff, who is being paid to do whatever Lex wants to destroy Jonathan in the race for State Senator.


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