Bind slave zone not updating

Open “Lastly , we will verify our zone file with “dig command”, as we did for our master DNS server We now have our Master Slave DNS setup ready.

Typical practice is to have one master, and one or two slaves which take their zone data from that master.

These instructions describe how to configure the slaves.

This is the argument to the Subsequent zone transfers can be viewed in the same way as the initial transfer, but may be considerably smaller if you have enabled the use of incremental transfers.

The most likely reason for the slave not requesting a transfer when it has received a notification is if it already has a copy of the zone with the same or a more recent serial number.

Opinion is divided as to whether this is good practice, and it is not unusual for a more restrictive policy to be imposed.

The servers that are allowed to perform transfers are specified in an flag will be present, meaning that the answer is authoritative.In that case you should advance the serial number of the master zone file until it is greater than that of the slave zone file.An error of the form: has successfully performed a zone transfer, but was unable to write the result to a zone file because it did not have permission to write to the relevant directory.BIND sends notifications by default, however it is good practice to enable them explicitly if they are an important part of the configuration.This can be done for individual zones: The setting for a zone takes precedence, therefore if you use the latter method then you should check that it has not been overridden.Suppose that the zone statement contains a list of nameservers from which zone data can be obtained.


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