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As a member, I met some great people, now dear friends and had the chance to do some really cool things that I wouldn’t have done on my own (or known about).

An APS investigation is a thorough assessment of a potential at-risk adult.

Within 72 hours of a referral’s receipt, a face-to-face meeting with the adult by a trained APS social worker is required.

I wasn’t meeting anyone through the office but I loved to get out and do things.

My friends were dating or married, so I didn’t always want to be the 3rd wheel.

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Murphy, want to expand the options for registering to vote and casting a ballot. (AP) - New Jersey under its new Democratic governor is emerging as a one of more than a dozen states suing President Donald Trump's administration on a host of issues, from immigration to taxes. in Avalon was hectic as a crew of movers worked to dismantle an old Victorian house piece by piece before transporting the walls, floors, and roof to a storage facility in Egg Harbor Township. Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in a case in which a fan claims that the NFL violated the state's Consumer Fraud Act by selling the vast majority... Yes, I still saw my other friends and had fun with them when we went out, but I had new things to look forward to, things I signed up for, things I had done that I was talking about with them and they were even a bit envious.I count my lucky stars every day that I joined because that great guy I met…well, our paths crossed again on a white water rafting camping trip a few months later and the rest is history. He burned crosses on their lawns and called them the n-word, and it took him a long time, some of it in jail, to figure out what made him do it. I worked at a global tech co and traveled for work but in town, I worked out of my house.1st we met playing paintball, then saw each other at Pine Mtn Safari.

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