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In the century following his death, however, people who searched rock layers for remains of Earth's earliest inhabitants found something odd.

According to Genesis, God made Adam, Eve, and all the animals first.

People took a long time to figure out that evolution happened, and for many years, Western civilization relied largely on the Bible to understand how we got here.

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Evolutionary theory argues that all the organisms alive on Earth today share a common ancestor.

As unlikely as it sounds, life forms from spiders to spider monkeys belong to the same family tree.

Squeezing in all these newly discovered creatures from newly discovered continents looked impossible.

Biblical scholars went back to calculating the length of a cubit.

Then Adam and Eve started a family and left plenty of descendents.

Only later came Noah's Flood, which was held responsible for depositing all those weird remains, like shells, in rocks on top of mountains.By the early 19th century, the professional scientists and leisurely gentlemen who dabbled in geology or comparative anatomy entertained a variety of explanations for humanity's predecessors.Evolution was one explanation, but many savants believed a series of catastrophes had been followed by fresh creations.Even fungus merits an invitation to the family reunion.A simple way to think of evolution is "descent with modification" — over many generations, organisms change into something different. They'll make you wetter than a fat chick on her way to a buffet.


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