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Tom tries to think of a clever way to get out of his situation, and finds himself tricked into walking her to his hotel room, where the girl rips off her top before Tom blurts out that he’s on his honeymoon, upon which the girl finally leaves.

Sarah gets drunk so Peter takes her back to the hotel.

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The couple storm out of the hotel and each go their separate ways: Tom going back to the bar, where he meets American tourist Wendy, and Sarah going sightseeing, where Peter follows her.

Wendy flirts and dances with Tom, who escapes through a bathroom window when he realizes she wants to have sex with him.

it wasn’t the best movie ever made, and it wasn’t touching or heart-wrenching, but it was certainly entertaining.

everyone has their own opinions, and my opinion is that this movie rocked!!!!

Katie said she'd thought that he was okay with Brooke and Ridge's wedding.

Thorne indicated that he was, and nothing could get between Ridge and Brooke.Thorne decided that "NSA" thing would work for him.Katie asked what that was, and he elaborated that it was "no strings attached," like Katie and her mystery man.The couple secure a nice Venetian hotel with the grudging financial help of Sarah’s father.They go sightseeing, but Tom quickly gets bored and abandons Sarah so he can watch sports in a bar.They arrive at their classy hotel at the foot of the Alps to find that Peter has sent them a bottle of cognac “with love”, while Tom’s friend Kyle has sent them a Thunderstick A-200 sex toy.

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