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The shard specimens match those extant ru wares in the Palace collection.

Ru ware was made with the northern China high alumina and low iron clay and slightly under-fired (1200 to 1250 degree centigrade) .

The sixth excavation in 2000 uncovered 15 kiln furnaces, two workshops and large quantities of Ru ware, specimen and kiln furniture.

Finally, the centre of production of the Imperial Ru ware was found.

Guan wares of the Song Dynasty can be divided into those from Northern and Southern Song respectively.

This article discusses the development and findings made by the Chinese archaeologists in resolving some of the mysteries and controversies surrounding the enigmatic Song guan wares.

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The Imperial Court used tribute wares from Ding, Yaozhou, Hutian and some other kilns during the early to Mid Northern Song period. Information regarding ru ware was not found in official sources.

Our knowledge about ru wares was essentially gathered from excerpts of some writings by the ancient scholars.

If an imperial kiln was at Kaifeng, it is unlikely to be located as numerous floods caused by the Yellow river has buried the ancient site.

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