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For a comparison, consider how the media rushes to report the deaths of working people, foreigners or criminals in disasters, often in unsympathetic or even gloating ways. A more notorious example was the shooting down of KAL 007 over the Soviet Union in 1984.Rather than respect for life -- for which the media has none -- the cautious reporting of bad news is inspired only by a respect for power and self-interest. The truth about how the Reagan administration organized this as a planned provocation against the Soviet Union went unreported for years.

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This is not the profile of a great man, but rather of a slick and despicable con artist.

To top it all off, the media even tried to hold off the inevitable news that all aboard were dead. Actually, this kind of deliberate mind control by the media serves an extremely important psychological and political function for the ruling class in times of crisis in that it preserves the stability of the system.

While some literally gave their lives during the sixties for the civil rights and anti-war movements, Brown went into the ROTC, became an Army officer and then a lawyer.

He later amassed a fortune by illegal methods and became an advocate in the Clinton administration for rolling back the very same social and civil rights legislation the New York Slimes claims he championed.

Much more went to provide covert military shipments and intelligence operations.

Another sizable amount went to supposedly "non-governmental" cultural institutions -- like the Soros Foundation, etc.Instead of admitting the obvious, that these corporate executives were not there for charity, but rather for material self-interest, the media spun a web of incredible lies. The first was the "we want to re-build Bosnia" lie. responsible for the Yugoslav civil war, but it is also responsible for destroying the economic achievements of three generations of Yugoslavs.On the day after the crash, a New York Times editorial called the Ron Brown junket "a mission of faith and hope." Once again the New York Times comes away with the Joseph Goebbels prize for excellence in big-lie journalism. The other big lie was the heroic portrayal of Ron Brown as a legendary civil rights activist and rags to riches phenomenon. Brown came from a privileged background: his family had money and he attended the best prep schools in Westchester and then the exclusive private college of Middlebury.See if this is true: The Mystery of Latitude 40.07!Senator Sonny Bono died just outside S Lake Tahoe, latitude 40.07; Senator Paul Wellstone's plane crashed at Latitude 40.07; Senator John Heinz's plane crashed in Philadelphia at Latitude 40,07; JFK, Jr.s Plane crashed at 40.07; Space Shuttle Columbia lost first pieces 89 miles off coast of Eureka, Ca.. Latitude 40.07; mysterious blast levels mountain in N.19, 1997 PIRN-9785: Matt Drudge scoops big media In the biggest loss of American life since the U. political, military, corporate, media and intelligence establishment, along with a military crew of six. The very fact that representatives of all segments of the American capitalist ruling class were on board this plane with a single economic objective dramatically illustrates the truth about U. imperialism far better than any theoretical treatise. Donald Terner represented his housing construction business; Claudio Elia was the C. It won contracts for construction projects throughout the Third World. Consider two other dead execs: Barry Conrad of Barrington Hotels and Walter Murphy of AT&T.


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