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Ginnie goes to Danny's restaurant to talk to him but it only makes matters worse. Meanwhile, Marjee is beginning to think that her new job is the job from hell and Rose's punky roommate, Flash, makes fun of her in front of their acting class.

Rose tries to change rooms but can't, so she and Joel dig up dirt on Flash to put her in her place. After a horrible date with someone close to her own age, Ann decides to have sex with Zach, who is Rose's age.

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Marco tells Ann that he wants a serious relationship.

Marjee and Jason come up with a plan to leave Trish but Jason doesn't go through with it. Ann meets Marco a couple of times at Sorelli's Deli and considers getting serious with him.

The baby, Rose, 19, is moving into a new dorm room now that she's switched from pre-med to experimental theater. Things aren't any better for the next oldest, Ann, who apparently is being dumped by her steady boyfriend of the last six years, Danny, who's too busy opening a new restaurant to talk to her about it.

The next oldest, Marjee, 23, is moving out of her apartment and back home with dad. The oldest sister, Ginnie, a 31-year-old corporate attorney, has just learned that she's pregnant, is contemplating how her life will change and trying to break the news to her husband, Bob.

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Rose shows up having just pierced her tongue and dyed her hair bright blue.

Each sister's secret is then revealed one after another, which is very upsetting and results in some serious Sorelli sister bonding which is what it's all about anyway.

As the four sisters watch their father's deli over the weekend as he goes on a vacation with Renée, Ann tires to get over Danny, Ginnie and Marjee fight over responsibility and Rose questions her decision to change majors. While preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, the sisters reminisce about their mother, Francesca (played by Dana Delany in flashback scenes), who died of cancer.

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