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Only certain slaves who show to me that they embody pathetic individuals and are dead on the inside can handle that level of unmerciful abuse through a complete draining.Moreover, in the grand scheme of all of my tributes, 0 isn’t the most I’ve ever received but the fact that this slave was hooked on me to the point that he had to break his own limits is what I consider to demonstrate successful control.Cash is preferred but gift cards come in handy when a slave cannot send cash for various reasons.

Initially, I was skeptical, as I am with all slaves, since they have to prove their worth to me first before I will take their claims seriously based on experience and my inquisitive nature.

After some initial chatting and learning more about the slave, I brought him to the point he begged to buy the Photoshop CS6 software from my Amazon wishlist.

Chat hosts provide free shows upon registration, and private shows run by sexy cam girls who aim to please are available for credits, which can be purchased in a variety of packages ranging from $29.99 to $159.99.

Shockingly I have not updated this blog since February.

However, he had forgotten to serve me for 7 straight weeks but as well as I know my slaves, I knew he would return begging to serve. I wasn’t aware that it had been 7 whole weeks since he served so I instructed him to go back and look as to when his last tribute was to me. After some discussion back and forth, it finally was decided that late fees would also be $350 making his total owed $700.

Once he acknowledged it was 7 weeks, I told him that he now owes that many weeks worth of tributes plus late fees. The worm slave paid 0 of his debt during that chat and swore to pay the remainder next week.

This cash slave likes to consider himself to be a worm compared to someone like me, I suppose that makes me a savage hawk or an ominous eagle.

My loyal worm slave must tribute every week like clockwork.

I’m sure my blog posts make my slaves more devoted and weaker which means I plan on updating more often about my slave exploits.

One slave in particular has provided himself to be extremely useful.

Days later, the slave craved so much more that he begged me to allow him to break the new record, which I allowed and I made him tribute 0 in Amazon gift cards this time.


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