Updating death date in authority files is anna paquin dating stephen moyer

When a link is found to an authority record, the form in the authority record replaces the form in the incoming heading.Title Authority Matching Title portions of name/title headings (X00/X10/X11 fields containing $t or $k) and preferred title fields (130/240/630/730/830) undergo special treatment to increase matches.If the heading still does not link, another match is tried which accepts any death date in $d, if the birth date matches.

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In each case the title portion of the field is checked for “floating” elements which are corrected and validated separately.

These include dates ($f), languages ($l), medium designator ($h), and versions ($s).

When the form in the 8XX field cannot be matched to an authority record, LTI recommends that the 490 1/8XX combination be retained.

For libraries retaining the 490 1/830 series, we further advise that 490 1 fields not be indexed in “title browse” indexes.

Name authority records date back only to 1977 and subject authority records are a reflection of LCSH rather than an exhaustive file of subjects and subject subdivisions appearing in MARC records.

Very few name headings and only a fraction of the thousands of combinations of topical, form, chronological, and geographic subdivision headings receive their own LC subject authority records.Music headings also have the arrangement statement ($o), key ($r), and medium of performance ($m) corrected and validated.LTI processing attempts to link the heading fully to an authority record.Untraced Series Processing In 2006, the Library of Congress discontinued controlled access to series in bibliographic records and stopped creating series authority records.Since then, the number of series authority records has grown less rapidly, although there remains a substantial backfile of existing LC series authority records, along with new national-level records created by NACO libraries.If the newly created 8XX field is linked to an authorized access point during authority control, both the 490 1 and authorized 8XX fields are retained.

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