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What are the limitations of using Gruveo in Safari 11 on mac OS and i OS?

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Clipchamp’s video recorder works in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari (11) on Windows, Mac and Linux.

It also works on machines where no software can be installed, such as Chromebooks and corporate laptops that prevent their users from installing applications.

Though not required in Safari 11, the plugin helps to provide full Gruveo experience in this browser (see What are the limitations of using Gruveo in Safari 11 on mac OS and i OS? The Web RTC plugin is also required in Safari 11 for mac OS when using the embedded version of Gruveo.

Here is how to install the plugin: Please log in to Gruveo at go to Settings and check if your email address is correct.

Back to top Third-party browsers on i OS have to use Apple’s browser engine, which does not currently expose the Web RTC technology required for Gruveo to those third-party browsers.

However, you can still make Gruveo calls in Safari on i OS 11 , or with our i OS app. Back to top Unfortunately, video support in Safari 11 is only partial at this time.

I am not receiving the confirmation link after signing up.


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