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In this definition, uncertainties include events (which may or may not happen) and uncertainties caused by ambiguity or a lack of information.

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The Food (Tutin in Honey) Standard 2010 must be met From 1 January 2011, all honey for sale or export for human consumption has had to comply with the Food (Tutin in Honey) Standard 2010.

This to protect against Tutin contamination, which causes toxicity in honey and can make people very ill, even if a small amount is eaten.

Whether you do your shopping online or in the stores, it’s important to remember these basic Christmas safety tips to protect yourself against holiday season. Don’t let this happen to you while doing your online Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday by investing in identity protection software. You have insurance for your car, health, home so why not have it to protect yourself from being a victim of identity theft too?

The cyber risks are growing daily and you’ve worked too hard to have your money and identity stolen.

If you are a hobbyist beekeeper who only produces honey for your own use, MPI recommends that you also follow the standard to ensure your honey is safe to eat.

- Trade Me wants everyone to enjoy their honey on toast and not get sick from it.While you might have your eyes set on snagging the next big deal in the store, burglars are looking for ways to break in while you are away and distracted from the home. Ready to get a great online deal or get your credit card compromised?Similarly, online thieves are out in full force ready to capitalize on the millions of online shoppers who are submitting their private credit card information. Approximately 7% of all United States adults have their personal identities stolen or otherwise misused and the average financial loss per person is around ,500.If you donate or barter your honey, then that is a form of trade, and you must comply with the Food Standard 2010 for tutin in honey.Beekeepers and packers of honey for sale must comply with this standard under the Food Act to show that their honey does not contain toxic (poisonous) levels of tutin.- Honey and other bee products that are produced for sale in NZ only, must be produced under the requirements of the Food Act 1981.

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