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The heavy-partying days — the days when he felt he had to go to "every party, every disco, every club" and his weight ballooned up from drink–are now over, he says.

The times when he used to stay out a couple of days in a row, treating himself to anything he damn well pleased, are over as well, his wife adds.

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"There was always someone somewhere to keep partying with. And the temptations are so many and of people, good friends, speaking to him as people who cared."They'd come up to me and say, ' Hey, you look like a little bloated sausage,'" he says of that period. Why don't we just go [ I remember seeing a picture of me from that time and going, ' Who was that? The interview moves over the hills to a small fishing hole.

"They'd say, ' I don't mean to bum you out, man, but you look like somebody stuck an air hose up your ass.'"He recalls one Temptation: Oral."I was drinking kamikazes — vodka and lime juice," he says. ' They said, ' You.'' I said, ' Me? The only noise for a while is his fishing line, swinging out, drawn back in again, and the country sounds of birds and crickets.

The star here is the country — parts of two counties of northern California and a peak, from which on a clear day you can see fifty miles to the Pacific. The back roads that lead to Robin's place are dotted with Mercedes convertibles; and when you finally reach Robin's mailbox, there's a gate with a gatekeeper. [To deal with the "depression" of the series ending, Robin, a self-proclaimed performance junkie, went on the road. Robin Helper.'" But Sewiously, Wobin Two can play at this.

Once cleared, it's a good two miles to the ranch house. Only one thing confounds."You have any cows on this ranch? I think they tried to call me the day before; I just didn't return the call, because I kind of knew what it was about. The ratings started off incredible, with Pam and me going through the courting period. ("Das Bus," he calls it.) But the work that will most probably decide where his career goes from here will not be the comedy act but "The most human being you'll ever meet," the ads proclaim, showing Robin, hands in pockets, looking up optimistically and grinning, rather inanely, at what one presumes is Life. "I'm speaking one to one to ooooohh," says the reporter, in the voice of a well-known TV star.

Robin is joking now, too.] "I plead no more, your honor, I rest my case. I will let the court decide this."But oh, dear, the reporter will feel so running around, speaking to this old costar and that old friend about this temptation and that."You'll earn your money that way," Robin says. Later, the family moved to Lake Forest, Illinois, and then Tiburon, California, which figured prominently in his early routines. Some kids didn't get their own Porsches till they were sixteen.") And there were two older brothers, from his parents' previous marriages."Robin is the youngest, but since he didn't grow up with other children, he was an only child, as far as I'm concerned," Valerie says.

"The result is that he has a very rich private life, and it's hard to filter in.

It's hard to get in deep with someone who's used to taking care of himself only.

It's such a cliché, but they make their own worlds."Whatever their differences, something worked. The result, says Valerie now, was like having to do a crash course in everything from finances to "making sure you don't make inappropriate responses to new situations."You'd go to Hollywood parties where, in the past, I wouldn't have stood for the kind of disrespect they have for one another, and I'd realize, given the new circumstances, you take it with a smile," says Valerie, for whom the word carries as much import as the Godfather.

It's the last year of his five-year contract with the reporter offers as an opener, not aware that the show's finally been canceled."No," he says in a voice of theatrical pain. "The first day I improvised, George Roy Hill [the director] said, ' That's a wrap.' He made his point right away. With comedy you can duck and dive out if it gets too serious. Maybe there will be some people out there who might say, ' He ] ' Yes. Robin Williams and Robert De Niro were said to be partying with John Belushi the night he died.

There, you couldn't."How much is riding on his success here, then, particularly since, for his reviews ("wonderful" at mimicry, but "never gets beyond the cartoon, never gives it anything of himself") were not great? A paid interview with Cathy Smith in the was even more explicit.

But oh yes, he says, there was a period after he got famous when he had troubles, when Mondo Hollywood took a toll."Hollywood is so full of horseshit temptations.

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