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This handmade horse head sculpture is modelled on the legendary Trojan horse used during the war between the Greeks and Troy.It also represents the rich cavalry history of Midwest India. This is a type of vintage chettinad entrance door with majestic look and rigidity.

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This beautiful piece of Islamic heritage is a throwback to the Mughal era, when everyday life was shaped by the laws of Sunnah.

Made in the early 18th Century, this antique piece has unique carvings and engravings coveri...

This is a single shutter door made up of teak wood and is over a century old.

There is a carved panel, devotional and mythological in them...

This vintage piece is a beautiful allusion to Indian tradition.

Used as a box to hold kunkumam, the tinted turmeric powder used to signify marital status or the Hindu faith, this silver piece is wonderfully understated a...

The base is slatted, and the sides are smoothened to perfection. This Navagraha set is a typical idol placed at the bottom of temple flagstaffs in south India.

Both these items are intrinsic to Hindu lore, but the combination of the two is most often seen in Shiva temples, where the f...

This 19th century bronze figure, in two sections, the male figure ,wearing a crown and elaborate flaring cape,the horse with pointed ears and beaded ridge along his snout and back . 80 years old bullock cart converted to a garden chair. Yes, this unique, cast iron park bench is the ideal choice for your garden.

Finest antique you can own for a perfect outdoor relaxation! This antique teak wood bedside table lamp stand has been beautifully painted with all organic vegetable paints.

In illuminated manuscripts, for which the most lavishly decorated manuscripts of the period were mostly bibles or psalters, more originality is seen, as new scenes needed to be depicted.


  1. Esa es la visión del Romanticismo del siglo XIX y de la Ecología de hoy.

  2. But the advent of carbon-14 dating tools has opened up the new scope of absolute dating where scientists could predict the age of excavated artifacts and objects with great precision up to 50,000 years old.

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