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Nymphs are a race of female nature spirits that tend to take on a form related to their environment (Example: While in forests: trees, in flower fields: flowers, in bodies of water: water).

They can take on a human form with brown, orange, blue, green or aqua skin color.

None of them are happy with her dating a satyr, especially not her father.

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Kickin dating

Most viewers were shocked to hear that Tamika Scott was pregnant during her time in the group.

When she told her manager for the first time, he gave her two choices – have an abortion or leave the group.

She played sports as a kid and was the only girl on her baseball team.

After graduating from El Camino High School, Denise moved to Los Angeles and started working as a model.

She traveled the world before deciding to focus on acting. Aside from her acting career, Denise is most famous for her tumultuous relationship with actor Charlie Sheen.

They married on June 15, 2002 and have two daughters together.

In the animated series a nymph named Syrinx has a family of male tree-like entities, if these creatures are male nymphs or not is never explained; these "males" can only take on a partially humanoid form (resembling trees or bushes with faces).

The nymphs reside on Phil's Island and Philoctetes enjoys spending his time peeping on the females. Unlike the rest of the nymphs she apparently enjoys Phil's company and seems to be in a relationship with him.

However, she was upset with Phil when he forbid Hercules from dancing (considering it "un-manly").


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