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Using the world people in a headline plays into our natural curiosity about others, especially if the information promises tips on how we can become more successful or beautiful.We also like sneaking a peek into other people’s lives.

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Why did he stop calling after first date, two dates or three dates? My boyfriend is a commitment phobic; how do I get him to call me?

Great headlines give you an edge and convince your audience to read and respond to your copy.

These headline examples will inspire you to get creative and write headlines that work for you.

Interested in how to write headlines that make articles and/or blog posts go viral?

Then your first step as a professional copywriter is to learn what words are the most effective at grabbing your readers attention.

Perhaps that is because when we first fill out our dating profiles, we are so anxious to get through the registration process quickly, so that we can move onto search or e-mail, that we write down the first thing that pops in our mind.

How long should I wait for him to call or to return my phone call? Many people do not put much thought into their online dating profile’s headline.

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  1. Once you stop thinking of your profile as a sum of your qualities and accomplishments and start focusing on what you can GIVE to another person, you will see a marked difference in your online dating experience.

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