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In a statement, the Chinese company said the investment would improve its strategic position. first, but we also can see our future as a global platform including China," said Sophie Chen, a spokeswoman for Beijing Kunlun.

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The potential for misunderstanding is just too high if you are both not fluent in the language and also new to the culture.

Once a single bad misunderstanding has occurred, you’ve probably lost your chance with the girl, even if she later comes to realize that you meant to say something else; the awkward feelings will more than likely linger between you.

Like women in most developed and developing countries, Chinese women are glued to their phones a lot of the time, and one of your best bets for getting her attention once you have her number is to shoot her a text.

Alternatively, you can also use one of the several Chinese social media and messaging apps to get acquainted with new women while you’re in China.

Investors appeared to welcome Beijing Kunlun's move for Grindr, driving the Chinese company's stock in Shenzhen up 10% on Tuesday to its maximum daily limit.

Founded in 2008, Beijing Kunlun is barely older than Grindr.

People in China love to use We Chat in particular, so get as familiar with it as possible.

Now, like with many other cross-cultural issues, there is a learning curve.

Further, you may be surprised that she will reject you the first time when you ask her out.

This is somewhat normal thanks to her upbringing, so you might have to beat around the bush a lot more to get her comfortable before she agrees to meet you somewhere in person.

Another way to signal your intentions and emotions is to use plenty of emojis.


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