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Thank you so much :)Also, new Tonksie has started writing a translation of The Promise of a New Dawn in Polish that can be found here: Obietnica Nowego Świtu. is my longest story, and I'll once again mention that I am bad at those.

I know it has literally been years since my last update, but I still don't count this story as abandoned yet!

by removing the background of an image I want to use with a tiny eraser and then copying it onto something else.

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He drinks the purification potion that Renard had drunk before in his succesful attempt to wake Julliette.

One of the ingredients of 'step two' was Nick's blood. So, what if the potion had unexpected side-effects on Sean Renard due to Nick's blood?

A fact that Monroe, Rosalee and Nick kept hidden from the ones drinking that second potion: Julliette and Renard. Of course, he's not exactly a Hexenbiest, so it doesn't have to be losing his powers. Or maybe the Hexenbiest part of him died, leaving only the Royal.

You could even link it with the spell, or the purifcation potion both of them drank at one point.

The unicorn is still filled with spelling and grammar errors and ended up abandoned not too long after.

I gave up on writing for a while but always kept reading, and when my interest was peaked by Hikaru no Go I gave it another cautious go. Also, my English had improved a bit by now, so I suppose the results were bearable but the story is still unfinished.

Then, after the first Lord of the Rings hit the cinemas, I read the books, the teenage fanfics, and ended up trying to write some epic Mary Sue-ish story myself.

And because most of the fanfiction I read was in English, I decided to try writing my story in English as well.

' and didn't find an answer that was a sufficient deterrent.

Anime Ice Fox provided the cute little picture of Elfling Harry which I have used for my cover.

I've been on this site for what feels like forever now.

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