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Initially, I gave him a list of practical things he could do that would help me see that he was sincerely striving for purity. He willingly put up boundaries in his life, and then set up others on his own.

No girl wants her private life to become public knowledge, meaning that unless you’re a complete idiot, she will endure just about any humiliation you inflict on her.

For that matter, even if she report you to the police, they’d never take her seriously, which will further embarrass her.

But as much as she may deserve it, I recommend uppercutting your girlfriend for a number of reasons.

Not only do you run the risk of tainting her beauty with your fists—I personally don’t find Irish sunglasses arousing—but physical injuries will make it more difficult for her to please you.

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Without a doubt, the most important thing he did to rebuild my trust was passionately pursue God.

We both knew that if he never disclosed those things, I would’ve never known.

Yet he made the continual choice to wipe the slate clean and repair the foundation that had been cracked with lies. It nearly destroyed our marriage, small business, finances, reputation, friendships, family relationships, and testimony—pretty much everything that was important to us. After real repentance, however, he no longer tried to minimize, deny, or justify his actions or their consequences. Instead, I saw him consistently take ownership of his actions by humbling himself before others and me, admitting his wrongs, and asking for the opportunity to make the wrongs right.

I may not be able to trust him, but I could trust the Lord in him!


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