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Vietnamese people generally like to dress formally.

Local staff might have that perception, since expatriate supervisor/ manager is getting paid much higher than local people, it is expected that they work harder and perform better.

It is important to obtain feedback from local staff on a regular basis, build a strong rapport with them, and maintain frequent interactions with them.

Do not hesitate to repeat the terms of an agreement or the conclusions of a discussion or to have them repeated to you; it is better to put everything in writing, even though this doesn’t ensure compliance with the terms or conclusions.

As for non-verbal communications, remember that the Vietnamese always try to keep a neutral attitude.

”), siblings (e.g., “How many brothers/ sisters do you have”), children (e.g., “How many children do you have? If a person meets a Vietnamese for the first time, it is suggested that he/she avoid sensitive topics such as politics, religion, democracy and human rights.

Should Vietnamese be interested in knowing the person’s views on these topics, they would proactively raise them. However, when meeting someone for the first time, consider avoiding jokes, especially on the sensitive topics mentioned above.As a general rule: dress formally, wear clean and ironed clothes (blouse, dress with sleeves for women; shirt and pants for men—no T-shirts, no need to wear a jacket, since the Vietnamese don’t necessarily wear them). Experience, leadership, education, work ethic and integrity are key qualities for a local supervisor/ manager in Vietnam.Local employees might set even a higher expectation as an expatriate supervisor/ manager, because they expect foreigners to share new knowledge, innovative ideas and creative methods that they would hardly acquire from local management/ resources.Communications often involve an interpreter, which creates an added challenge since some are more competent than others.The same goes for the translation of documents (it is estimated that about 50% of translations are 50% reliable).They usually prefer to speak in an indirect manner, particularly on sensitive or controversial issues.


  1. To me, at least, it’s interesting to reflect on why so many people apparently find such things so horrifying—is it just the frantic intolerance of dissenting ideas that pervades so many secular as well as religious subcultures in our society, or is there more to it than that?

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