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THE HEARTBREAKER: TAYLOR SWIFT Swift's country songs chronicle heartbreak and romance from a girl's point of view.Her breakout single, "Tim Mc Graw," was inspired by a boyfriend heading off to college.They broke up, but at least she got a song out of it, not surprisingly — the ironically named "Forever & Always." THE NEW GIRL: DEMI LOVATO Lovato, 16, was launched to pop heaven not by recording an album and touring but by making the TV movie "Camp Rock" with the Jonas Brothers.

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THE HOTTIES: THE JONAS BROTHERS Snapping them up after an indifferent Columbia dumped the band, Disney has showcased these Jersey boys in every possible way, from launching an album with a fan-friendly concert at the ESPN Zone in Times Square to putting them on an episode of "Hannah Montana" that aired right after "High School Musical 2." In addition to the new concert movie, they've got the TV movie sequel "Camp Rock 2" filming this year, a TV show called "J. THE PROM QUEEN: MILEY CYRUS By now, everyone can figure out the split-personality world of Cyrus and Hannah Montana.

Both are pop super-stars; Hannah is the alter ego of Miley Stewart, who is played by Cyrus, the daughter of one-hit wonder Billy Ray ("Achy Breaky Heart") Cyrus, who plays Miley/Hannah's dad on "Hannah Montana." Montana went supernova in popularity when 3-D concert film (featuring the Jonas Brothers) grossed more than $30 million when it opened a year ago.

"We were just, like, having fun, you know what I mean?

"Gomez later said on the "Morning Show with Mike & Juliet" that she doesn't have a problem with Cyrus, adding, "there is no feud."Cyrus' publicist would not comment on why the teen pop star decided to speak out about her former relationship.

If Cupid had a heart you'd be mine I know I need you to see, I need you and me. [pause] No, there's no one here by the name of Gunner. [pause] Well I don't care what you say I'm NOT Gunner Tinkle! You know I can write a hundred songs for those boys, but there is one thing I can't do, that's put my arm around them and say they're my little girl.

That’s the thing about nature that is just so quiet and peaceful. So Jake I don't know what's bigger, the buzz about this movie, or the buzz about you two. (all kids, including Hannah, raise their hands) There! Lesson number one: This [does a head motion] is how you do the head thing. Mikayla: (singing) Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do, oh baby, if Cupid had a heart he would make you fall, you'd fall in love with me and you would turn me on. If cupid had a heart, he would shoot and throw an arrow through your soul better aim and go. Robby: [to Miley] Oh darling, let me tell you something. We just wanted to wish you luck on your first day on filming because you know that is what friends do: that they are there for each other, they support each other…so where is Mikayla?

Her second single, "Teardrops on My Guitar," was about a boy who just wants to be friends. Swift, 19, was the best-selling artist of 2008 , moving 4 million copies of her first two CDs.

She's not a multimedia juggernaut like the Jonas boys or Cyrus, but Swift did appear in both of their new movies and even dated Joe Jonas briefly.

Like the Jonas Brothers, Cyrus, 16, has written or co-written many of the songs on her two solo albums, both of which hit No. She dated (and broke up with) Nick Jonas, and is now linked to 20-year-old aspiring country singer Justin Gaston.

But her current love seems to be posting You Tube videos she calls "The Mandy and Miley show," shot in her bedroom with friend Mandy Jiroux.

Last year she did the romantic-comedy sequel "Another Cinderella Story," and she has an upcoming TV movie, "Princess Protection Program," with Lovato.


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