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Upon digging in a remote hillside, a large skull emerged.

At first they thought it was the remains of a horse but as they continued digging and more of the skeleton appeared, they realized this was no horse as no legs were to be found.

It also appeared some men attempted to fight back as some of them were found with their fingers sliced through.

It also appeared that they were not all cleanly killed as some of them had multiple blows to the vertebra, jaw bone and skulls.

The well, which was built by Sir Francis Drake to carry water from Dartmoor to Plymouth, was covered over sometime around 1895.

Steer said of the dip in his living room that he always wanted to dig it out to see “if I could find a pot of gold at the bottom.” Well, Steer didn’t find a pot of gold but along with the well he did find something else: a peasant’s sword also dating from the 16th century.

Partially excavated in 1923, archaeologists used state of the art ground sensors in 2011 to aide in the search for the remaining remnants of this grand structure. The entire complex covers 200,000 square feet (19,000 square meters) with a large inner courtyard, a bathing complex, training area, cemetery and cell like living quarters which measure only five meters square.

It’s believed that Aurelius’ son Commodus saw his first gladiator match here and brought the idea of the sport back to Rome.Discovery: Roman Gladiator School found in Austria When someone thinks of Austria, they usually think of castles, schnitzel and Arnold Schwarzenegger.Well, how about the ruins of a Roman gladiator school?Discovery: The Whale under the Railroad Tracks Back in 1849 in a little town called Charlotte, Vermont a railroad was being built to connect the little town to the capital city of Burlington.During the digging process, road crews were used to finding old arrowheads and spears but what they found next simply astounded them.Colin Steer’s house in Plymouth Devon had such a dip in his living room and he decided to investigate further.

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