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The market also included a significant corn trade throughout the period and was regarded as the second largest corn market in the west of England in 1830.

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The town centre was redesigned after 1807 when George Wansey, who was from a family of clothiers in Warminster, left £1,000 (equivalent to £73,038 in 2016) to improve the town, provided his money could be matched by local fundraising.

The funding was spent on demolishing houses to widen roads.

By the 10th century, Warminster included a royal manor and an Anglo-Saxon Minster, with the residents largely associated with the estate.

The royal manor was passed to new lords in the 12th century, during which time the township started to grow.

The town had a large amount of accommodation for visitors to the market, and in 1686 it was ranked fourth for number of places to stay in Wiltshire, with 116 beds.

By 1710 there were approximately fifty inns and alehouses in the town.Despite the prosperity, one settlement of houses near Warminster Common had a poor reputation.William Daniell wrote in 1781 that people were living in unplastered hovels with earth floors, and that piles of filth poisoned the stream bringing typhus and smallpox.By 1646, the town had suffered £500 (equivalent to £74,661 in 2016) worth of damages by supporting the Roundheads.The market at Warminster was the focus of the town's prosperity, with significant wool, clothing and malting trades established by the 16th century and continuing to be the economic backbone of the town until the 19th century.The town was an early adopter of the Turnpikes Act to improve the roads around the town.


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