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Remember guys named Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and those dudes?

And remember the thing they had such a problem with? Do you know the difference between the USA & Ireland?

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Even though I do not attend church or practice religion I still know the difference as it was drummed into us at an early age at school A group of people began to protest against some of the wrong things they believed the Catholic Church was doing and teaching.

These protesters became separated from the Catholic Church and formed their own Church which was more inline with what they believed was the truth.

The only mention was from the British point of view, and it was a brief mention of "the Irish problem." In behalf of my fellow countryman, the OP, I'd like to plead - it's not his fault.

It's part of the brainwashing we get in public schools all the way up through college - our forefathers were "patriots," but the Irish are "terrorists" - and all for doing the very same things.

By the way all christians should read this website: explains that the word 'fornication' actually means prostituition only, not all sex outside marriage as many pastors claim.

The word comes from the Greek word fornix meaning arches where prostitutes used to ply their a man from belfast in northern ireland i say and have always said live and let live and if more people would back me up on that we would be ok but too many people are brain washed as young child to hate people different than them for me the troubles in northern ireland have not been about religon for many years as the ones causeing the trouble have probly never seen inside a chruch or chapel in their lives life is about free will and some people preferr to act like morons northern ireland unfortunatly has more off these than anywere else on the planet(when you compare amount off people in country and amount off twats) except for maybe america and thats when you have issues.

Terrorists kill civilians: Americans cause "collateral damage" which is not much use to the countless civilians killed, maimed or still suffering in places like Vietnam and Cambodia.

The conflict in Ireland and it's long tortured history are a direct product of religion right up to today. It's because of the religious poison the Vatican pollutes the country with that I, and the taxpayers (WHO ACTUALLY LIVE IN THE KIP) are paying for child rape and torture committed by it's nuns, priests and lower orders.

as for the killing thing look at the part in the bible where it says turn the other cheek yet you read on and JC goes to temple and there's a market in the court yard of it he loses it and beats the people he didn't turn the other cheek.

As for killing others the way I look at it, if that situation ever happened to me it's me or them and Id rather it be them.

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