Event viewer not updating

The image below shows you where in the help dialog to find the channel the region you're in is running.(Just to the right of that is the version.) The most important information in the image here is "Second Life Server"; that's the channel that you're on.

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In Windows Vista and later operating systems, Winlogon's roles and responsibilities have changed significantly.

Winlogon handles interface functions that are independent of authentication policy.

When a user logs on, the GINA is responsible for creating one or more initial processes for that user.

Winlogon provides a support function for the GINA to apply the security of the newly logged-on user to these processes.

When there is mouse or keyboard activity, Winlogon invokes the Wlx Display Locked Notice function of the GINA and locked workstation behavior resumes.

If the screen saver is not secure, any keyboard or mouse activity terminates the screen saver without notification to the GINA.However, the preferred way to do this is for the GINA to call the Windows function Create Process As User, and let the system provide the service.Winlogon monitors keyboard and mouse activity to determine when to activate screen savers.June 2016 - If you are a new user and have never logged into ADITI, you will need to contact Support to gain access. If you need change your password on ADITI, you will need to contact Support.The preview grid is used for development and testing of new features and bug fixes.The version number is also important, but the biggest changes you will see are between different channels.


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