Validating web xml

The location bar displays when navigating in the XML document the node hierarchy.

validating web xml-73

Each document has a document type that has to be choosen when opening a file according to the selected filter from the file dialog box.

You may update this document type using the File Info panel (from the "File" menu).

This tree browses your home directory by default (or a zip file content).

This tree maintains the last selected element (file or directory) even when closing and reopening Editi X.

When a task is terminated, a dialog box is displayed and if there's no background tasks the icon disappears.

- XPath location for the caret/cursor : This is an XPath location from the current caret/cursor location.

A menu popup is available for moving, selecting, copying or cutting the selecting node.

The File/ZIP/FTP browser is a left tree available with the bound item of the File menu or the View menu.

This is a sub menu listing possible size for the tabulation caracter.

When formatting a tabulation caracter is used for each level, the visible width of this tabulation can be changed here. By clicking on this icon, the user can visualize the current tasks.

If a proxy is needed, it is required to update the "proxy" preference. Select a file encoding (like UTF-8 e.g.) for reading or writing a file.

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