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A database can provide an up-to-date picture of stock levels and products.It helps in maintaining that the stocks keep up with the demand of the consumers.

The storage in Access is not repetitive so it can essentially save space and improve accuracy.

Access also has different templates to choose from so that you do not have to create a new database from scratch.

On the plus side, it has the ability to control redundancy, the integrity of the information being stored can be maintained, it can restrict access, it can share data, and can backup/recover information.

A database management system can counteract redundancy by compiling the information in one spot.

There is also a relationship you can establish between the tables so that you can navigate easier. Databases can be used for controlling inventory as well as reducing the time, cost, and effort of inventory management.

For creating a wedding invitation list: you can decide who to invite and who not to invite to the reception and put those people in separate tables. Controlling your inventory is essential in order to have good and efficient business.

Access is basically just a more advanced version of Excel that is only needed for uncontrollable databases or ones that need to be directly linked to others in order to access information in a systematized way.

Either database can help you make informed decisions and can also help you make sense of the data in different ways.

If a database is only able to store pictures, for example, then a music file will be rejected ensuring that a picture will always be retrieved from the database with 100% accuracy.

This is a very simple example to get the idea across as the constraints imposed by the developer can determine different things.

They help make it easier to place orders and find products.


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