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This phase began with protests against the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City in 19.

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So far we have new friends watching from the Marshall Islands and Cuba, we had a valiant effort from Burundi, and our big surprise: Stephanie from Mc Murdo Station, Antarctica. You’ve never started or run a business of your own.

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Like any human right though, it’s easy to take it for granted – until it’s taken away.

This piece was originally published online in conjunction with the Fall 2008 issue of Pacific magazine.

The second wave was increasingly theoretical, based on a fusion of neo-Marxism and psycho-analytical theory, and began to associate the subjugation of women with broader critiques of patriarchy, capitalism, normative heterosexuality, and the woman's role as wife and mother.

Sex and gender were differentiated—the former being biological, and the later a social construct that varies culture-to-culture and over time.

One of the strains of this complex and diverse "wave" was the development of women-only spaces and the notion that women working together create a special dynamic that is not possible in mixed-groups, which would ultimately work for the betterment of the entire planet.

Women, due whether to their long "subjugation" or to their biology, were thought by some to be more humane, collaborative, inclusive, peaceful, nurturing, democratic, and holistic in their approach to problem solving than men.

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Whereas the first wave of feminism was generally propelled by middle class, Western, cisgender, white women, the second phase drew in women of color and developing nations, seeking sisterhood and solidarity, claiming "Women's struggle is class struggle." Feminists spoke of women as a social class and coined phrases such as "the personal is political" and "identity politics" in an effort to demonstrate that race, class, and gender oppression are all related.


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  2. While Adventists have generally rejected the allegorical method, it tends to creep in when certain individuals believe they have discovered “new light” in Revelation or even in the Old Testament sanctuary.

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