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Those are just rumors, she was a high school sweetheart but move and went to college and lost contact with Adam, but now their relationship is resurfacing because she's back.The story goes like this: I think they would be a good couple better than Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.He is a master of Physics, Chemeistry, Biology and Psycology, as well as being highly knowledegable in many other areas.

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She is also enemies with Adam in some episodes, but they always seem to make up. First Impression', she and Adam finally share their first kiss together and become a couple until Preston Pickles erased her memory during 'Mr.

He is a genius that graduated from high school and university at the age of 14. He tries to take his learning , but his students often antagonize him and don't take him seriously (Derby does this all the time), as he is only the same age as them. He will often do anything just to get Echo to like him, and will be willing to do anything she wants to do.

He decided to come back to high school to live the high school experience and rejected the offer to work at NASA only to become the science teacher at Finnegan High School, he has a massive interest in Echo. Despite being often described as weak, and lacking in muscles, or physical abilities, Adam has been shown to be very durable, able to recover quickly from quite excessive injuries, such as repeated or excessive blunt trauma (Mr. He sometimes puts things in the logic version, which can be odd at times. Adam is also something of a polymath, as he is apparantly capable in every field of science, never showing any particual focus in one, and easily switching to the one which is most relevant to the present situation or lesson (although he does appear best at physics).

Adam Young is a somewhat awkward but good natured person, portrayed by Brendan Meyer. People often don't listen to him, as he starts rattling off complicated things when answering the simplest of questions.

She uses her quick-thinking to trick Ivy into doing real work by making some excuse related to a mall or shopping. She is also an enviromentalist, feminist and loves animals.

She's also friendly, kind hearted, hardworking, and responsible.

Feel free to post anything related to Owl City on here! It went on for three or four ucsd dating site, something like that.

They're not dating, but she's worshiped Owl City for quite some time.

He is shown always to be very weak, and sometimes not able to make good plans.

Adam is best friends with Derby when he was younger, but he went off to college, therefore they went there seperate ways.

Adam is often willing to do anything to impress Echo, such as in Mr.

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