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This was noticed by Jijo Kuriakose, the Founder of Queerala, who decided, four years ago, that India needed to change, starting with Kerala.

Queerala was started as a secret Facebook support group, and quickly gained momentum, turning itself first into an open Facebook page before finally blooming into a full-fledged community-based organisation.

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The organisation has also joined national queer support events like ‘Wiki Loves Pride’ and ‘Free and Equal’, conducted by the Wikimedia India chapter and the United Nations respectively.

Their ‘Wiki Loves Pride’ movement is to inspire creative minds to direct their writing skills towards adding more articles on homosexuality and LGBT rights to the Wikipedia Malayalam pages.

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Since its broadcast, the video has surfaced on many social media platforms including being widely shared on Whats App.

The girl in question is an employee of a textile showroom in Idukki’s Adimali in Kerala.

The art exhibition got a wide response, inspiring them to take the art project to other cities in India.

Quest2016 offered a unique platform for various kinds of laypeople and subject resource personnel to spend two days in devising new strategies and approaches to make the lives of LGBTIQ folk more meaningful and directional.

The LGBT community in India faces many complex issues, and it all starts with the taboo of talking about sex; when there is no way for learning about sex, we close our minds to the possibilities of other sexualities.

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