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He learned that I liked sleeping in old t-shirts and panties but occasionally even I slept nude.

Although we became more friendly and would occasionally get a good look at forbidden flesh, we typically stayed dressed until the lights went out then we stripped down to what we would sleep in or nothing in some cases.

Drew didnt have a roommate so it was an easy call for me to stay there.

More and more I would tease him and I began even taunting him with some innocent looking crotch shots, bending over in front of him, showing a lot of cleavage and thinner shirts where my pink nipples were not left to any imagination. I knew my attraction wasnt just as a mom to a son but I just didnt want to go there.

I began buying sexy panties and really started feeling like I was trying to win him. Anyway it was a great day and after the game we went back to some tailgating and maybe a little too much wine.

We had finished dinner and decided to go for a swim and it became too late for him to drive back on campus so I just told him to sleep in the additional bed in my hotel room.

After I had changed in the bathroom and put on my nightgown I walked out into the hotel room to see him standing there fully nude.

Over time I began to prance around more and more in just my t and panties.

I liked seeing him excited and it excited me in a non-mother type way. One weekend in the fall we went together to homecoming football game and spent the day tailgating and having fun with some of my college friends and his. Many of my friends said I looked 10 years younger since the divorce and that I looked like I was just so happy in life. What more could a woman want that to spend weekends with the one she loved the most.

I was devastated and it took me a few years to really comprehend that my husband had been sleeping with her since before we were married.

Since we co-owned a few businesses, the settlement was contested and it took a while to agree on a settlement.

He told me he started sleeping nude then he was in high school but occasionally would sleep in boxers if he thought I would come in the room.


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