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Opponents of the method’ which anti-abortion forces call a “partial- birth" abortion, have been bolstered by an abortion-rights advocate’s admission lost month that he did not tell the truth about the number of such procedures and the conditions of the women who undergo rh o'm, “A very important issue here is that Congress was lied to,” Rep. Ninth Street dead-ends at the Hemingway school grounds, forming a de facto parking lot between Atkinson's Park and an adjacent soccer Held. MARCH 12" - 6 pm Fumliura - Tools • Collectibles Household • Misc. A year ago, Bibby didn’t have time to watch the NCAA touma- men L He was too bu^ hitting the road in search of players to fill a depleted roster. “But I think the sponsors are sometimes short- sighted" .

Adult chat tractor gary cullar

Pie and the board hope to hitch a ride on the departing coattails of the county’s jail bond issue, which will be paid off this summer. Thursday mostly doudy with a slight chance of showers north. WASHINGTON (AP) - The launch of the nation's newest weather satellite has been sched- uled for Apri L24. State crews have installed two culverts to help dram snowmelt runoff in Soldier Creek ^der as. The Idaho Transportarion Department has four more to install, and the project should be ^ne ii OT week, said Camas County Sheriff Harold Lee. Ken and Judy Neace’s oldest son, ^e, is a student at Washington State Universiiy in Pullman.

The infor- mation will be considered by the fair board, which has until June 1 to dedde whether to hold an August bond issue election. Heitzman to his staff and to offer you more complete services. GOES stands for Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite. Initml reports indicate the man died from exposes, Fcinling said He also said the man was a longtime local Camas County prepares for heavy snowmelt season FAU^IELD - Camas County officials hope winter lasts at least another two or three weeks. In addition to the $28,586 judgment, the attorneys want a court finding of fraud, breach of contiaa or intentional misrepresentation against the defen- dants and an order forcing the family to t^e steps toward repaying a bank loan obtained for the legal bills. Nunez, Jr„ 38, is in state prison for stealing $5,688 in evidence money plus drugs from o multi ^e plane was bound from Jerome to Pullm^ Wash., but disappeared from radm Friday afternoon in the mountains southwest of Lownuui.

That annual bill would be $2.50 less than the jail payment which it wbdd replace, Pitz said. The COES satellites orbit at the same rate the Earth turns, allowing them to remain above the same spot on the planet, watching the weather as it changes. ’ With a heaw snowpack in the mountains above Fairfidd, Lee is hoping for a thaw . ^ “We’re hoping it will stay cool at night It’s been freezing at night We’re hoping it will jua warm up during the day,” Lee said He said he’s been checldhg the th^ometer more than usual The highway is dosed while the culverts i TC bew installed, so traffic has been routed through Fairfidd Lee said .^e^ject will cost about $120,000, Lee said, ^e county is seeking grants to hdp coverthecost . Ken Neace was flying ot about 13.000 foot when he reported “significant „n his aircraft and trouble with the controls, said Kurt Anderson, an investigator at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Seattle office.

Home Decorating Check out the home decorating ideas in this specta J section. The owner of a $100,000 home In memory of Randi would pay $15.50 annually on the event center bonds. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said "^esday that the GOESK satel- lite will bo launched from Cape Canaveral, Fla., and will go into a holding orbit to bo ready to rep^ce either of the two current stationary weather satellites. Short Of average lengths in black, navy, olive or tan, 50% poiycst Cf/50% rayon that looks like linen. Misses Sportswear, noi .w.m.u99 T-FAL* TENDANCE 8-PC NONSTICK COOKWARE SET Rcg, 99.99. The culverts are being installed on the ^ side of the Soldier Creek bridge, to help • d TM wautf away from the dty, Lee said "When it floods, that’s where it spom; to A ode of Soldier Creek And that’s where the houses are,” he said Fairfield was flooded on New Year’s Day ^en ice jammed the bridge where Highway „ Soldier Creek on the east side of Fonfidd Ram and mddng snow filled the aeek beyond its banks. Their other son, Bryan, is a sophomore at Gonzona University in Spokane, Wash.

Nokkentved 'nme»ti8wt wrttcf twin falls - County fair officials want to know what Twin Falls County residents think of building a $7 million event center at the fairgrounds in Filer. Warinog" » rjsmitus ftewter swoh- guwr Highs&lows 95 at Thermal Ca., and GQn Bend, Aru. For MORE INFORMATION TW to the National Weather Service radio band at VHF-FM 162.4 or i coeg jra Zo,c»B33M8GO,raefo,onie.odto(»rlil? 5;k '"*** BAKERY FRESH IFREHCHBREAD u innmo D SHOPPMS CEni R 1147, na AVE. Ho was the Diro Lr ol Optomctric Servicos for a group of M stores, overseeing paliom care and qualily assurance. Hel Uman is qualified 10 help you wilh your visual needs. - ■ Call Today For Your Appointment # # Great i^Columbia parkasi final close-out PRICES! Currently, COES*9, launched last year, watches over the Western states and the Pacific Ocean, while GO^-8, launched in 1994, observes the East and Atlantic. [ Extra 50^ off Clearance Shoes Better Sportswear Misses Sportswear Dresses Petite Sportswear Women’s World intimate Apparei 7 “ Juniors Fashion Accessories KIdsworld Tiger Shop Menswear Exdudoamon'e. Rogulor and/or original prices appearing In this Bdvortlsamem - ' rofloo offorlng prices which may not hove resultsd In sales.'-' ‘ j MAGIC VALLEY MALL. Blaine County sheriffs officinls arrived at me scene about 8 a.m., Femling said.

Ktz’s challenge may be to sell an expo- sition center in a community that already supports one such facility - the Expo Center at the College of Southern Idaho Pitz said the new building would be big- ger, with better seating and ventilation, and it would be able to handle larger events that cannot fit into the CSI Ejtoo C enter. They are the mainstay of short-term weather forecast- ing, producing the images widely seen on televised weather report. OC^ULIUIl Nunez attorneys seek payment By Pat Marcantoflio j By Pat Marcantoflio wr Uof TWIN FALLS - The Twin Falls City agreed to pay a *13^445 legal bill for former police offi- cer Walden, acquined of charges of stealing money from his own office. Lawyers want ,586 for their representation of convicted ex-cop Wil Uoms ot Twin Foils filed a lawsuit Feb. Neace had turned around and was try- 1 ^ to get back to Twin Falls when the plroe disappeared, Anderson said.Prosidem Clinton vetoed similar Icgishition last year. The procedure involves pulling the fetus out of the birth feet first. Hospice of the Wood River A pimte family graveside scr- Valley, Box 4320, Ketchum H) vice will be held Friday. 83340; or the Mountain States may call from 6 to 8 p.m. Friends may call one hour before Friends may call &om 4 to 8 pan. e* spacing, doubia (aver I MINI-CASSIA COMMUNITY AUCTION Keith Smith Estate & Nei Get Religion. I titles will be held 10 banking days unless settlement is made In cash or bank ouaianteed funds. AUem OHEERS 4 BUI Eftes 654-2548 or 43541984 ' Specializing In: • Farm Equipment * Livestock /](n\ • Estates llf W FHIDAY. "2'890' State park; thence along said fme N 6'5e-0y W In X Sfofo^K s Jkd 4m ter^a fofin'f nnn12^ A corttflod choirs required for tho thirty porconi (30%) 96S21 foolto tho REAL POINT OF BEGINNING sefo proco MOts inov oomineto ® paf COl^contalnmgl7,40O^^ • fhroewmwaq Xoltf Mixl Th Jj Sl^mont roservos I dors will bo foturnod on day of sale. He also made it clear he feels he’s earned invi- tations.The surgeon then punctures the back of the fetus’ head, sorhe- tiraes with surgical scissors, and removes the brain, permitting the skull to be partially collapsed and brought through the cervix, the nar- rowest pan of the birth cari^ During last year’s congressional debate, abortion-rights supporters . Sund^ mostly cloudy and milder with a good chance of mountam snow and valley rain west and a chance of rain ^snow showers east Lows in the 30s. Camas Prairicj, Wood River Valley Partly cloudy today with a slight chance of snow or rain powers. *»8V6n ur Bil SIll Tumor Institute, 151 R Bannock, Thursday at the Hansen HAILEY - Stevtm Graham. of Twin Falls, died kw/J-r XV V Tuesday, March 11, 1997, at his home. the funeral at the funeral chapc L today at the funeral chape L Brookshiep Etheridge Alexander (Bill) Normn Klrtland Cornle, for. After his reliro- Friends may call from 3 to 8 p.m. In resided until his death Delbert Sperry, 89, of Twin I-®"® City, Utah, to Jamos A. MARCH14"-am Paul Holcomb 'Farm Machinery -Hansen Advert Jssment- March 12 WERT AUCTION SERVICE FRIDAY. A eofsonal chock will SUBJECTTO: • ' ' " ‘ Thogovomfnont reserves Sl Wd S^lt^lnd’ di^ m''* T'®' ‘'’® '®®' '”®® sanitary sewof easomoffl from whom ono®»n S ap^ ol®blor' Ai^nl H r2S? “I played 21 years and never nt^ed a sponsor invite,” Thorpe said lost week at the Doral-Ryder Open where he conducted a youth clinic and waited - unsuc-- cessfu Uy - for a withdrawal so he might get into the toumament “I do need one now. Open at Shinnecock Hills in 1896 and was in the Open six times ending in 1913. i" i J-'s a~- E asiitg i’ afj i, ..'Ka Si iii ^ 'S'“ Jl ■iii-is i sits S: ””m |l|j£|S! The ultraviolet index forecast is 4, o low exposure level J DAHO WEATHER SUMMARY A strong upper Icvd disturbance along the Washington- Oregon continued to bring doudy sides to the state Tuesday. A strong high pressure system located over the cen- tral Gulf of Mexico pump^ moist air northward into Texas. 11-7 CHAROE IT orr YOUR 0011 UARCHf CABO I Inside Body found In Halley landfill station Tuesday HAIL£Y - A 4Sycar old Hailey mnn was Tuesday morning near the Ohio Gulch transfer station, east of the Heatherlands subdividon. Rain soaks Southland; sunshine spreads over Ohio Valiev Tho Ai»od«ted Prett J ; ^ Rain stretched across the South Tuesday, with nmly 2 inches in Texas, and snow fell on the moun- tains of the Northwest.Page A6 Section by section Features of the proposed building would include: • About 90,000 square feet. Rather than competing with CSI’s facihty, the proposed center would take Please see EVENTS. Ut Kxiln Elenw Roy Schooi ard ilabitn fa Kurtanlty aat lb ita Ante Mapaidently. But after on hour of testimony on the Senate-passed bill, several people still wanted to testify so the House State Affairs Committee decided to resume the hearing Thursday. Al Ihv Bi'isp Pj ASuilol Fnv dvluki’ fimtifii'niil bn-a Was I Suik^, $A9 fuf nij;hl I’k r Kiu-mor'isuiln n'nlcnt Kv nvms ^loousbiordnxim Ulcring. Choose from fivepockot styling in traditional washes In girls sizes 4-16 and boys sizes 4-14. Officials also fear that the plane coidd have been buried if it hit a steep slope and caused an avalanche, Young said. Kathy; Suo Sora^Deo^n (D^^^^ enjoyed fishing and hunting |o»r daughters, Laurie (Doan) MS einiln iti h Is oa/lior yoafs. Mary Mc Guire of Oaklo Ko smodailom Survivors Include his wife.

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