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and for the lucky ones, they did it with Michael Jackson!Michael Jackson can now lay claim to a new title: the Czar of Cyberchat.

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This ebook, will teach you how to approach phone, live chat, help desk and social customer service.

As Live Chat’s CMO, Szymon focuses on expanding product visibility and reach through SEO, integrations, partner programs and more.

Join us for the second to last Cyber Guide Live chat of the year on February 15th at 6 PM ET The next chat will focus on Early Is On Time - Making sure team’s finish BEFORE the submission deadline.

A discussion about how to check attachments and review as a team.

Each service had two typists with Jackson in a room at New York City’s Museum of Television & Radio, selecting questions and sending out Jackson’s dictated responses.

”The only rules were that there were no rules,” says Barry Johnson, head of New Technologies for Epic Records Group, Michael Jackson’s label.

Michael responded, ”No, it’s not true” before the story appeared in U. ”It’s like they expected to go out for a swim and got hit by a tidal wave,” says Jonathan Carey, managing director of Prospero Systems Research, which provided the software for Sony’s Net chat.

Tech problems tripped up AOL, whose on-line and MTV feeds started 10 minutes later than the others’, killing any notion of a simultaneous event.

There are things about customer service that most of the businesses already know: support agents should be helpful, polite, show appreciation, respect and value the customers.

The question is: why doesn’t it always look like that?

”It wasn’t completely seamless, but we’ve learned a lot,” says AOL chat producer Amy Arnold. They would like to be with the celebrity the whole time themselves.” If there’s a next one, says Arnold, it would be only with someone as well-known as the King of Pop.


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  2. Once the Customer enters the desired number of minutes the system auto-calculates the cost, creates a new transaction, then reconnects the call when the transaction is approved.

  3. You can easily connect with someone local by choosing a country from dropdown box at the top of the platform.

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