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Canada Chat Room Are One Of The Most Famous International Online Chat Rooms Developed For The People To Chat Internationally.

Most People Have Desire To Chat With Other People At International Level From All Over The World, So For This Purpose .

That is why the three forms of communication (the Health Chat Rooms, Forums and the Social Network), have been created to match each individual person who comes to this site.

Will I receive an installation disc for this Office suite in case I need to reinstall? All versions of Microsoft Office offered by Dell include reinstallation discs. For more information about the Dell Recycling program, please visit ca/smb/recycle Q.

If an Order Number has not been issued to you within 72 hours, call customer service at or email customer care. Will my system include a restore disc (reinstallation disc)? Every Dell system includes a restoration disc that includes the operating system installation as well as any applications and files that were included upon purchase. I purchased a preinstalled version of Microsoft Office. Can I trade my old system in for a discount toward a new purchase? Dell does not accept trade-ins for a discount toward new purchases, but Dell does have a free recycling program that allows you to send your old systems to Dell once you receive your new system.

I need to speak with technical support regarding my current Dell system.

This can be found by visiting ca and selecting your country in the menu box toward the bottom of the page.

The Chat Network is moderated so there is always someone that can be notified if needed.

It is also open 24-hours a day and is filled with people who wish to be there for each other to offer support and guidance through good times and bad.

I received an order confirmation email, but the email did not contain an Order Number. In most cases this happens very quickly, but it may take up to 72 hours to generate an Order Number.

Yes, online orders are manually pulled through by our online team.

's social network enables you to create your own personal profile, share photos, videos and stories, as well as sending both public and private messages to new acquaintances.

The health related Social Network can also be used to write a personal blog.

We are offering you health related Chat Rooms, health related Forums and a health related Social Network; all in the name of this online peer support society.

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