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*GOOD staff getting fired and POOR, rude, and dishonest staff members are being kept and giving the fps a hard time.

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I will NEVER recommend this school to anyone and if they ask I will tell them to run! I am honestly not proud to be a pmts future professional.

I am 33 years old, and I recognize crooks when i see them and this establishment is just that! No one seems to care about anything but themselves, and getting their money.

All this school is, is a place for the owners to make money.

They don’t care about the students or helping them become successful in their careers.

Reply I attend the pmts school in fresno, and I am very disappointed that a school with such a “good” reputation can be so awful! There are so many things wrong here the list is endless!

But I’ll go ahead and name a few: *No nail tech, when the demand at this school to learn acrylic nails is very high.

I recently purchase a new bottle at a salon and it is like water and does not hold at all.

I would like to know if the ingredients have changed or what has happend. I would request a refund from the salon however I was traveling when I purchased it and am to far away.

The “teacher” Brandy cornered my daughter in a room by herself this evening after she made a complaint of the bully she is experiencing in the class room from this teacher other students even walked into the room concerned for my daughter.

I would greatly appreciate someone to contact me regarding the solution of this situation or I will be contacting the better business bureau and pulling my daughter from this school.

John Paul Mitchell Systems, known as Paul Mitchell, was founded by John Paul De Joria and Paul Mitchell in 1980.


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  2. The Business plan can ensure a 250 person conference, with ultra resolution and unlimited conferencing.

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