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• “It’s always so hard to write about yourself without sounding dumb or conceited. ” • “I’m not good at this and most of you reading this probably aren’t either.” • “I’m not the greatest-looking guy and I don’t make the most money.” DON’T bash men or women or rehash bad relationships. ” • “As you can see from my other information, I am well-educated, very successful, very active.” DON’T come across as too busy or unavailable. 1 and weekends are spent with them.” • “I’m getting hundreds of e-mails a day, so be patient.” • “I don’t respond to winks.” DON’T bring up: Sex: “I’m not looking for sex on the first date.” Exes: “My exes have told me . .” or “I’m still in touch with a lot of my exes.” Time on dating site: “I’m a longtime single.” Money: “I just lost a lot of money on the stock market.” Advice from online-dating experts: Always post an updated picture, preferably of you smiling.

Do not post pictures of a man’s bare chest or showcase a woman’s cleavage.

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For example, write: “I’m the proud mother of three kids,” instead of “I’m a single mother recently divorced.” Other mistakes include men who mislead with fantasies of a white picket fence, Volvo and good salary, while women try to avoid appearing needy by saying they are carefree and adventurous when they really want to settle down, Casey says.

“Don’t put what you think someone wants to hear,” says Casey, who also is author of “The Man Plan,” (Perigee, $19.95).

She thought a statement about leading a busy life and being a soccer mom who spent her weekends with her children was admirable.

Wilson said it read as if she didn’t have time to date.

“They can help you put out the real you, and call you out when you are writing something that’s not true.” DO: Describe how you behave during a relationship: • “I am not the type to smother or restrict.” • “You cannot be the only person in a relationship with a voice/opinion.” • “I’m a very open person.

If something is troubling me, I will share it with you.” Make profiles stand out with atypical descriptives that inform.

Make sure photos are clear, instead of blurry or dark.

The primary photo should be a head shot, not a photo of pets, children or your car.

Another line said, “I’m looking for an honest man.” “But that said she had gotten cheated on even when she didn’t intend to say that,” Wilson says.

Online daters must forge that line between selling themselves as being authentic versus who they want to be, says Whitney Casey,‘s relationship insider.

“You can tell if someone had a history of being married, liked it and is willing to do it again.” There are, however, healthy, well-meaning people who inadvertently include off-putting statements in their profiles.

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